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Freeman Formulas Pumps Up Sales With NPI

Jeramy Freeman from Freeman Formulas speaks about working with NPI and it's sales team.


View the transcript below:

My name is Jeramy Freeman.

I've been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years, and have worked with a lot of different companies out there in the sports supplement industry.
And I saw a need for a premium product line that literally didn't just hit sports, but also that busy individual, that busy business person, that just was also aware of health and wellness.
And so I created premium line of products that speaks to that individual, a busy business person.
Well, I've researched a number of different brokerage companies out there, and I've also looked at getting sales people throughout the country.
And trying to be able to manage that group of people, just because I've managed a number of salespeople before, was something that I was not able to undertake.
So, when searching for the right team, NPI definitely had the experience. They also really quickly understood my products. So because of that reason, they made sense for my company.

NPI was able to get us in front of a lot of large retailers.
They have a lot of experience with the buyers.
I think that's really important because when I went my first time I was new to the field.
And so a lot of the buyers, they don't want to talk somebody who's new to the field.
With the experience of the sales team from NPI, they have a relationship with these buyers, so opening that door to be able to get into these big retailers is a lot easier process with a company like NPI.

NPI absolutely understands my brand. As a matter of fact, after talking to them just a couple times they probably knew my brand better than people that I have had on my staff for a year or more.
So, I was very impressed with their knowledge, their understanding of our product, and definitely they're incredible when it comes to understanding exactly what our brand is about.
We've had other open doors as well.
But the thing with NPI is they work really well with allowing us to work with the margins that work for us, rather than just getting us an account for the sake of getting us an account, where the margins don't work.
They find accounts that actually work for my brand, and also for a premium brand that doesn't always work for every retailer out there.

Three performance goals for the future are to consistently grow.
We've grown every single year, and now since we've been with NPI, we previously did not have an online presence whatsoever, but NPI was able to get us an online Amazon account that's literally impossible to get.
We're seeing growth in that already.
And then a number of other online accounts that we would never have obtained had we not been with NPI.
I would absolutely recommend NPI. They know the business in and out.
When it comes to, number one, taking a brand and creating brand awareness, but also being able to just get in front of the accounts that is next to impossible for a lot of smaller companies, or even larger companies to get in front of. They had the experience.
Their team, their sales team, is amazing.
And over all, it's like a family experience.
When you get in with NPI, you sit down with them.
They bring the entire team in to meet you.
They treat you like family.
They open up, it's like they open up the red carpet.
These guys definitely are first class when it comes to a business that knows exactly what they're doing and how to do it correctly.

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