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Video Transcript:

I'm [INAUDIBLE],, head of
the Hungarian business

of Scitec Nutrition.

We are one of the
largest sport nutrition

brands based in Europe.

Nutrition has grown

to become one of Europe's
leading sport nutrition brands,

proprietary flavoring system


Scitec is one of Europe's
largest contract manufacturers

of whey protein and specialty
sport supplements in Europe.

Team Scitec is

[? IAVB ?] professional
athletes and fitness

competitors, with social
media followers totaling

retail stores in Hungary,

Germany, and other countries
that currently only sell

Scitec brand.

pounds of powders annually,

and all formulations
and flavoring systems

in all [INAUDIBLE] forms

and all types of packaging.

We formulate and manufacture
all of our products

in our state of the
art facility in Europe.

Our product benefits have
been scientifically proven

by the European Food
Safety Authority

and authorized by the
European Commission.

Scitec is certified by GMP

and our facilities

are registered with the FDA.

We are used to expanding
into new markets,

and a few years
ago, we were looking

at entering the US to build up
our international operations.

We saw that the US market
as being important to us,

because it's the
largest market for sport

nutrition in the world, with a

The main reason of
the continuous growth

is expansion of the sport
nutrition demographic base.

Not only the number
of hardcore users

increases, but more
and more casual users

discover the benefits
of these products.

After setting up our

we started to look
at our options

in order to grow
and create market

share as quickly as possible.

We looked at a number of
entities that could assist,

and finally settled on MPI.

We started working very
closely with the MPI team

and participated
together at an ECRM event

where vitamin,
diet, and nutrition

suppliers presented new
programs to retailers

across all channels.

We believe that it's
vitally important to get

local knowledge whenever
entering a new market,

and we saw that MPI
had lots of experience

with helping companies to get
a good foothold in the US.

Since working
together, MPI has been

instrumental in introducing
us to various key distribution

channels, and in fact,
helped us with concluding

our first shipment of Scitec
products to The Vitamin Shoppe.

We believe that the
US market presents us

with unique
opportunities, and we

will continue to build
our presence based

on the good momentum we
have achieved so far.

This is only the beginning
of the American Scitec story.