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Domestic Capabilities

For Health & Wellness companies already selling inside the United States we offer services more localized to expansion of sales and marketing. Our nationwide network of power brokers have strong relationships with major buyers in every retail channel, and we offer innovative, cost effective marketing solutions to push your brand to new levels of success.

We specialize in helping companies to launch and market
new and existing products throughout the United States.

Our nationwide coverage of every major retail channel will provide you access to: club stores, convenience stores, department stores, drug stores, grocery stores, health specialty stores, mass merchandisers, online retailers, and skin care specialty stores.

Because we specialize in a number of industries such as Health\Wellness, Beauty, Skincare, Sports Nutrition, Functional Foods, and Beverages we have built key relationships that can help take your brand to the next level. Our team members have worked with celebrity spokespeople, athletes, and legends in the health and fitness world, to help build brands from the ground up, and expand brands whose sales have begun to stagnate or weaken.

From product development through actual sales, we offer a variety
of domestic capabilities to push your brand to new levels of success.

Contact us today to learn how we can help build your company’s product and strengthen your overall brand.

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