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International Capabilities

Expanding into a new market, especially one as large and complex as the United States, can be intimidating. At NPI we work to ensure that our clients have a smooth and direct route into the US market, without any unwanted changes to your brands message or pricing structure. We act as a strategic partner, allowing you to maintain control over your brands direction.

We have the product launch infrastructure to make your
entrance into the US Market a rapid, profitable experience.

Our international division understands the challenges companies face when seeking to enter the United States market, and we offer proven comprehensive solutions for selling in to the largest market in the world. Our development of product specific sales and marketing tools, along with our established sales network, makes NPI your dedicated partner when strategically launching your latest product. Check out our capabilities and processes below to see how NPI can help your brand succeed in the United States.

From product development through actual sales, we offer a variety
of domestic capabilities to push your brand to new levels of success.

United States FDA Compliance

The Food Drug Administration of the United States enforces some of the strictest labeling and marketing guidelines. That’s why our compliance department is headed by Rosemarie Sunderland, a Food Scientist and labeling expert with more than 10 years of experience. Watch our video on FDA compliance, and for more information on Food Drug Administration guidelines and registration contact us today.

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