When developing a new food product for your company, it is, of course, important to focus on the quality of the product. But even products of impeccable quality might fail if they do not have a solid marketing plan in place to get the word out. Therefore, you should spend a good portion of your time on fine-tuning this plan to ensure the success of your product.

Here are three things to know as you begin to market your food products within the United States:

Amazon.com provides outstanding value.
Amazon.com is by far the top online retailer in the United States for a variety of reasons, including its ease of use, the ability to find low prices compared to typical retail locations and the convenience of being able to shop for just about anything from the comfort of your home. By getting your products onto Amazon, you are able to establish a brand presence quickly and add some extra legitimacy to your company. Subscribe and save means repeat business for you. Also, with the sheer size of Amazon’s user base, you are opening yourself up to customers across the world that you may never have had the opportunity to reach before.

Packaging can pack a punch.
You should be absolutely sure that your packaging properly captivates and speaks to your ideal consumer. When there are rows and rows of nutritional food products to choose from, you need to put yours in packaging that will stand out on the shelves. The latest trends in the industry show that green and sustainable packaging is a big hit with consumers, so you may consider figuring out how you can create sustainable packaging that jumps out right away to people in the store.

Media presence drives sales.
Properly targeting consumers with a compelling product message is key to sales success. You need to put together a media strategy that engages all aspects of the industry across a wide variety of channels, including online, television, print, radio and more.

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