There is no doubt, the health and nutrition industry continues to gain strength, with some estimates projecting a 53% growth in the market by 2021. With such a rapid expansion, it can be challenging to stay ahead of the ever shifting trends, as new health products and ingredients are introduced every day.  Here are 5 health product trends to watch in 2017:

  1.     Hyper-functional Beverages

Gone are the days when drinks were simply about hydration and food and supplements were the only source of nutrition. In the faced paced world of today, consumers are looking for quick and convenient ways to take in nutrients. Pre-made or ready-to-mix hyer-functional beverages are making strong headway in the 2017 health product market. Whether it’s more energy, more sleep, more focus, better skin, a protein boost or a complete meal replacement, it’s more convenient, and more marketable, in drink form.

  1.     Plant Based Proteins

The plant based diet continues to gain more momentum and the more products that offer vegan, plant based options, the better. Consumers no longer rely on animal products for protein sources, as whey proteins are falling out of favor. More and more people are looking toward various plant-based sources for clean, nutritive protein. Hemp protein and pumpkin protein are especially important product trends to keep an eye on as they form complete proteins and mix well in powder forms.

  1.     Prebiotics

Say goodbye to probiotics, the new health product trend is prebiotics. Prebiotics are a form of non-digestible fiber compound that do not break down through the upper gastrointestinal tract and instead become fermented in the gut. Prebiotics then act as a source of nutrients for the good bacteria living in the digestive tract, which in turn allows for better absorption of nutrients from other foods. Though currently still under the radar, prebiotics are likely to soar in popularity by the end of the year.

  1.     Mushroom Extracts

While mushrooms have been used as a health supplement for centuries, only in the last few years has technology made way for mushrooms to be used to their full health potential. Extractions of bioactive ingredients in mushrooms are becoming increasingly common and can be applied to a variety of therapeutic health benefits, such as strengthened immunity, improved brain function, weight loss, improved cardiovascular health. Already extremely popular in Asia and in alternative health circles, mushroom extracts are entering the mainstream health product market in a big way.

  1.     Organic Skin Care

Organic Skin care should be on the radar of every health product professional, as the natural cosmetic industry has been substantially increasing in market share over the last decade. Organic skin care will only continue to grow as the new norm and consumers will be expecting quality skin care products with clean labels and easy-to-understand organic ingredients.   But it’s not just topical products to look out for, the skincare industry is rapidly expanding in the areas of ingestible supplements, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures and at-home skincare electronic devices.  As the skincare industry grows, so will innovative methods of improving skin through alternative measures.