Nutritional Products International (NPI) recently received a hearty endorsement from a former NFL player who has been exceedingly pleased with the company’s services.

Chris McIntosh, the CEO of Body Basix, has expressed his appreciation and praise for NPI, a firm he has worked with for the retail and online distribution of his company’s products. NPI is a leading nutraceutical company that specializes in reaching key markets all over the United States.

NPI provides quality sales and marketing services for worldwide and domestic brands, with some of the world’s top companies seeking the company out for its expertise in product distribution. With the help of NPI, nutritional companies are able to expand their sales and distribution in the dietary health supplement, functional food, skin care and nutritional beverage industries.

McIntosh, a two-time Rose Bowl champion and an All-American as a starting offensive tackle for the University of Wisconsin, was a first-round draft pick of the Seattle Seahawks. While his career was unfortunately cut short by injury, he continues to bring a professional athlete’s passion and attitude to his work as the CEO and founder of Body Basix, a company specializing in nutrition and fitness training.

As a sports nutrition professional, McIntosh has to be picky when it comes to choosing which nutritional companies he works with. His customers need to trust that he will provide the finest nutrition solutions possible. This makes his positive reviews for NPI even more meaningful.

“NPI knows nutrition and how to get your products out there to consumers,” said McIntosh. “They are absolute experts at reaching out to some of the top online and retail outlets in the country. You simply cannot ask for better services.”

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Brian Gould