Dr. Thomas Balshi, a widely respected dermatologist and internal medicine specialist in South Florida, has joined the board of directors for Nutritional Products International and its sister company, InHealth Media.

Dr. Balshi brings to the board a wealth of knowledge and experience in best practices for caring and maintaining one’s skin, which will help the companies expand their client base with some of the world’s leading skin care brands. NPI and InHealth Media are based in Delray Beach, Florida, and specialize in the retail distribution and marketing of nutraceutical and sports nutrition products across North America.
“We are thrilled to add Dr. Balshi to our distinguished board of directors in our family of companies,” said Mitch Gould, the CEO of both NPI and InHealth Media. “His expertise in skin care will help us to distribute and market some of the best products in the world in this area. It will also further validate NPI’s position in bringing top-quality skin care lines into the American marketplace.”

Dr. Balshi is a board-certified dermatologist and internal medicine specialist, focusing on esthetic skin cancer removal and cosmetic-enhancing dermatology procedures like superficial, medium and deep chemical peels, Botox, Collagen, Restylane and Perlane treatments. His clinic, the Dermatology & Liposculpture Center of Delray Beach, has a unique approach to cosmetic surgery through a concept of “whole body wellness,” with an eye on making a positive impact on the both the body and mind while boosting patients’ self-esteem and body image.

In addition to cosmetic surgery procedures, the Dermatology & Liposculpture Center offers treatments for skin cancer, liposculpture, laser treatments and more. All of its treatments are performed at the clinic, with no anesthesia required for most procedures.

NPI (http://www.nutricompanies.co) is one of the world’s leading nutraceutical companies, providing sales and distribution services for worldwide brands. It specializes in working with key buyers across the United States, providing a fast track to the world’s most important market.

InHealth Media (http://www.inhealthmedia.com) provides comprehensive and strategic media services for sporting goods companies, sports media firms and organizations that manufacture sports nutrition, nutraceutical, functional foods, functional beverage and personal care brands, among many others.

To learn more about Dr. Balshi and his clinic, visit http://southflderm.com.