huck Liddell’s Iceman Rx Sports Nutrition product now available on

Newport Beach, CA – May 22, 2008

After years of experience with intense training sessions and the supplements that have proven to effectively support those workouts, UFC fighter Chuck Liddell is introducing a new product to the sports nutrition market. Originally designed to maximize his training, this patent pending formula is now being made available to customers.

“Several nutrition companies have approached me over the years to endorse a number of different products. Some worked; some didn’t – so I decided to create my own brand and I couldn’t be more excited to get it in the hands of all my fans who shop on Amazon. “says Liddell.

“Getting Chuck’s product live on Amazon is just a perfect marriage between two verifiable heavyweights, Amazon obviously has a huge online presence and a reputation to match ” says Mitch Gould.

The first product available via is a two-step system. The Pre-Workout formula aids in development of strength, training intensity, and stamina. The post-workout formula helps with muscle recovery, refueling the body and muscle growth. Together they form the patent pending Iceman Rx Complete 2-Step Package.

The Pre-Workout Formula is taken 30-45 minutes before a workout while the Post-Workout Formula is for immediately after the workout. For maximum results, the formula is intended to be taken in combination with a healthy and balanced diet.