Health, beauty, and wellness products account for more than $300 billion in sales each year, and e-commerce make up a significant chunk of those sales. Online retailers, especially Amazon, have been part of this for years. But new upstarts are making waves, too.

Building your brand includes gaining access to large online sellers. Amazon remains a titan in this category, a fact that NPI knows well as we helped grow Amazon’s sports nutrition category.

However, recently we’ve seen significant results from an emerging competitor, Jet offers steep discounts to consumers and provides a unique e-commerce experience.

Consider these facts about the company’s success.

  • Jet started in July 2015, but has experienced steady growth since then, with sales increasing at an average rate of 28% per month from September 2015 to February 2016.
  • Jet is adding nearly 350,000 customers per month!
  • Jet typically offers products at a 5% discount over other retailers without charging any membership fees.
  • By 2020, the company expects to have 15 million customers and $20 billion in sales!

The health and wellness category can be dominated by well-established players, but Jet offers ways for newer, less-established businesses to connect with potential customers. NPI has shipped large orders to Jet on behalf of its clients, and we expect this to increase.

Branding Essentials

Today’s consumers are generally skeptical of newcomers. However, Jet customers are price-savvy and willing to try something different if it comes at a discount. Selling through this retailer means that you’ll have an opportunity to make a good first impression. For your business to compete in the US market, you need to connect with major online retailers and develop a brand that appeals to customers. NPI is experienced in helping companies do both, and is committed to exploring new avenues like Jet for clients. Contact us today to get started.

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