While millennials get a lot of bad press, one thing that can be said for sure is that they are the most health conscious generation this country has ever seen. Millennials have been a major driving force behind the health product market boom over the last decade and will continue to propel it upward with their healthy-living mindsets and overall approach to life. When marketing a nutracetucical product, it is import to not neglect this vast market segment.


A major factor in millennials’ drive for nutrition is their DIY and individual-centric attitude. While previous generations sought nutrition and health advice strictly from doctors and pharmacist, a growing movement rejects traditional medicine and looks to nutrition to keep them healthy instead. Rising healthcare costs and a wealth of information spread over the internet greatly aids this.


While healthy eating is important, consumers with a passion for nutrition look beyond food to maintain their lifestyle. Nutraceuticals bridge the gap between nutritional food sources and pharmaceutical medicine.  Nutraceuticals give consumers the option to take their health into their own hands but consumers need to understand this and many consumers are unaware of the enormous benefits of nutraceuticals. This is why correctly marketing nutraceuticals is essential to every brand.


Marketing nutraceuticals should be targeted specifically to engage millennials. Millennials place high priority on sleek, consumer-friendly designed packages, with clear labels that include quality, clean ingredients. Studies have found that millennials are more concerned with ingredient quality than they are with price, indicating that brands should not compromise on ingredients to save money.


Internet marketing has the greatest visibility among this generation. Marketing of nutraceuticals is no different. Engaging content and a heavy online presence will be much more effective than traditional advertising methods with this demographic. Additionally, easy, user-friendly  online ordering is essential as, today, it is expected of all companies by the younger generation.

The millennial generation prizes individualism and independence. Nutraceutical products are a perfect addition to this lifestyle. The independence that nutraceuticals provide by allowing consumers to take charge of their own health is a vital aspect of nutraceutical marketing.


While stressing the important health benefits of nutraceuticals, brands must be careful to remain within the legal parameters of labeling. Nutrition companies are the subject of scrutiny from government regulatory agencies and at risk for expensive and detrimental lawsuits. The best protection against legal issues is to partner with a reputable agency with a knowledgeable FDA specialist. Preparing labels and packaging should be done correctly in the beginning to avoid costly re-issuing of labels or recalling of items.


Millennials are becoming the largest share of the market and their buying power should not be underestimated. While previous generations are getting older and therefore needing more health products, the younger generation has a longer-lasting commitment to a health-centric culture.