Nutritional Products International (NPI), led by founder and CEO Mitch Gould, continues to be the preferred partner for health and wellness brands looking to make a significant impact in the U.S. market. 

In a significant leap forward for health and wellness brands eyeing the lucrative U.S. market, Nutritional Products International (NPI) proudly unveils its game-changing “Evolution of Distribution” (EoD) platform. Orchestrated by industry titan Mitch Gould, this revolutionary offering marks a transformative moment, redefining how products penetrate the American market.

NPI’s EoD is not just a platform; it’s a comprehensive ecosystem ingeniously designed to import, distribute, and promote products all under one roof. This synergy of services isn’t just about efficiency; it’s a strategic cost-cutter, ensuring partners enjoy a robust return on investment. With NPI’s seasoned hand guiding the way, companies, whether homegrown or international, can now navigate the complex U.S. market maze with unprecedented ease, securing prime shelf space with top retailers and making a mark in booming online marketplaces like Amazon and

Mitch Gould brings over three decades of retail wisdom to the table, a wisdom that’s acutely aware of the challenges brands face when stepping into the U.S. arena. From cultural nuances to regulatory labyrinths, Gould’s EoD platform promises to demystify these complexities, offering a streamlined, all-in-one package that saves not just time but also invaluable resources.

Further broadening its horizon, NPI, together with its sister company, InHealth Media, is making bold strides in the digital realm, acknowledging and embracing the unstoppable ascent of e-commerce, a trend that the pandemic has only accelerated. Yet, in this digital dawn, NPI hasn’t lost sight of the traditional retail fabric, actively engaging in pivotal industry events to weave stronger connections between retailers and product innovators.

With Mitch Gould’s strategic alliances spanning every major U.S. retailer, including giants like Walmart, Amazon, CVS, and Target, NPI’s “Evolution of Distribution” platform is not just an offering; it’s a revolution, setting a new standard in the health and wellness distribution domain.