Nutritional Products International (NPI) is celebrating its continued partnership with Amazon, following the online retail giant’s recent announcement of a remarkable 22% growth in online advertising sales. 

Amazon’s ad business brought in $10.68 billion in sales in the second quarter according to CNBC, reflecting a robust and thriving online marketplace that benefits existing and new NPI clients.

The growth in Amazon’s advertising business comes as part of an 11% overall sales growth year over year, reaching $134.4 billion in the second quarter. Surpassing analyst expectations, Amazon has solidified itself as a lucrative force in the digital ad market, accounting for 7.3% of the worldwide share.

Amazon’s advertising rise aligns with the growth and ethos of NPI, which plays a vital role in the development of the sports nutrition, health, and wellness categories. Mitch Gould, Founder and CEO of NPI, said, “I am proud to say we were part of Amazon’s history. When Amazon created its health and wellness category, I helped develop it by signing up major brands to place their products onto the new virtual shelves.”

Gould’s innovative thinking has also led to the creation of the “Evolution of Distribution” platform at NPI. This system streamlines product launches, eliminating the need for product manufacturers to deal with multiple vendors, particularly beneficial for overseas companies, by importing, distributing and promoting the brand.

Amazon’s prominence in the digital advertising space further emphasizes the strategic importance of NPI’s partnership with Amazon. Retailers are recognizing Amazon’s platform as a more effective tool for sales, which aligns with Gould’s expertise in bringing major brands to Amazon’s virtual shelves.

Gould reminisces, “It was an exciting time in retail history. It was the beginning of online sales growth, and we were a part of it.” NPI, under Gould’s leadership, continues to provide a path to the U.S. market for domestic and international health and wellness brands.