Nutritional Products International’s Offers a Turnkey, One-Stop Shop for Health and Wellness Companies

Nutritional Products International (NPI), led by founder and CEO Mitch Gould, continues to be the preferred partner for health and wellness brands looking to make a significant impact in the U.S. market. With over a decade of experience in the industry, NPI proudly presents its “Evolution of Distribution” (EoD) platform—a comprehensive, one-stop solution that empowers brands to successfully introduce their products to American consumers.

NPI’s and Gould’s “EoD” provide the capability to import, distribute and promote from one platform. This approach is proven to be cost-effective and offers a high return on investment to their partners. This integrated strategy enables companies, both domestic and international, to navigate the intricate landscape of the U.S. market seamlessly. By leveraging NPI’s expertise, clients gain an affordable and highly effective approach to placing their products with major retailers, including online giants like Amazon and

Mitch Gould, a seasoned retail professional with over three decades of experience, recognized the challenges that product manufacturers often face when entering the U.S. market. “Brands, especially international companies, have to deal with sales, marketing, and logistics when selling products in the U.S.,” said Gould. “Foreign brands have to learn a new sales and business culture, rent office space, hire sales and support staff, and bring in a marketing team. They also need to understand FDA label requirements and U.S. Customs regulations when importing their products.”

Gould’s vision for NPI was to simplify these complex processes and make them more cost-effective. NPI offers all these services in a bundled package, saving brands both time and resources.

In addition to Nutritional Products International, Mitch Gould founded InHealth Media, a subsidiary specializing in health and wellness marketing. NPI has evolved to meet the changing retail landscape, with a particular focus on e-commerce. Gould stated, “We knew that retail’s future is online. E-commerce sales consistently increased annually even before the pandemic. COVID-19, however, pushed more consumers to make purchases online, which is why we increased our efforts on digital strategy.”

Despite the emphasis on digital commerce, NPI continues to prioritize brick-and-mortar retail outlets. The company regularly participates in ECRM’s annual events, facilitating connections between retail buyers and product manufacturers through private one-on-one meetings.

Gould has established relationships with every major retailer in the United States, including Walmart, Amazon, CVS and Target, to name a few.