Mitch Gould, Founder and CEO of InHealth Media, announced today Kayla Zadel has been named Chief of Communications, formerly Vice President of Communications.  

“Kayla brings a wealth of experience in the field of communication. We are excited to be expanding our media and communications on a global level,” said Mitch Gould. “I decided that Kayla will head up that expansion.”  

“I am looking forward to taking on this role and expanding IHM into a global media enterprise,” said Kayla Zadel. “My skill set and versatility will provide much support as IHM navigates this expansion.”  

In her role as Chief of Communications, Kayla Zadel will oversee all aspects of our communication initiatives. She will be responsible for managing press releases, coordinating media relations, and crafting engaging email blasts to keep you informed about the latest developments at InHealth Media. Kayla Zadel’s dedication to ensuring effective and transparent communication aligns perfectly with IHM’s commitment to providing exceptional service and building strong relationships with its clients.  

With a background in broadcast journalism and communications, Kayla Zadel is multifaceted in many areas, especially on-air and online. She has been working alongside Gould, IHM, and its sister company, Nutritional Products International, to promote its clients through TV and social media exposure. Kayla’s segments focus on innovative products, beauty, travel and more. She then takes the featured brands from the segments and turns the info into a blog post and social media features.  

In addition to her work in front of the camera, Kayla Zadel has six-plus years of social media marketing experience, which includes managing brands’ reputations, content creation, building brand awareness and SEO experience. She takes the experience and knowledge that she’s gained as a lifestyle correspondent, content creator, and blogger and offers it to her clients in the form of social media marketing & management.  

Gould and IHM are excited to include Kayla’s services that align with their sales, marketing, logistics, and federal regulatory compliance offerings.  

The “Evolution to Distribution” platform provides a gateway for international health, wellness, and sports nutrition brands to launch their products in the United States. (delete in blue Australia and New Zealand have also been added to part of the program. Furthermore, The evolution of distribution provide turnkey solution for foreign brand to enter the largest marketplace in the world in a cost effective and profitable manner.