At the helm ofNutritional Products International, Mitch Gould stands out as a visionary leader in the retail sector by providing a way for brands to enter the marketplace.

His “Evolution of Distribution” platform is revolutionizing how brands, both international and domestic, make their mark in the competitive U.S. market. The Evolution of Distribution model enables Gould and NPI to import, distribute, and promote from one platform, thus offering a turn-key solution.

“Creating the ‘Evolution of Distribution’ was a response to the challenges I saw facing brand manufacturers entering the U.S. market,” Gould explained. “These companies excelled in product creation but often lacked the expertise to navigate a new market.”

The platform offers a comprehensive suite of services for brand manufacturers aiming to launch or broaden their U.S. market footprint. Gould has assembled a team of professionals adept in sales, traditional and digital marketing, and distribution.

Moreover, Nutritional Products International (NPI) provides essential website services and regulatory support as required. “Our approach is a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for rapid market entry,” Gould remarked.

Gould’s vast 30-year experience encompasses various consumer product sectors, including sports and big-box consumer goods. His career in retail encompasses an extensive range of brands and major outlets such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Costco, Target, Walmart, and Amazon.

He has been instrumental in introducing and promoting major brands and products, such as the acclaimed Stevan Seagal’s Lightning Bolt, Chuck Liddell’s Iceman RX, and Hulk Hogan’s Hogan Energy.