Recent findings by Future Market Insight reveal that the global sports nutrition market is poised for robust growth. The market, valued at US$ 20.77 billion in 2023, is projected to grow at a CAGR of 11.5%, reaching a staggering US$ 61.66 billion by 2033.

Mitch Gould, a prominent figure in the health, wellness, and sports nutrition sector, recognized Amazon’s potential to revolutionize retail early on. In the mid-2000s, as Amazon branched out from books and electronics, Gould leveraged his industry contacts to usher in a myriad of quality products onto Amazon’s burgeoning health, wellness, and sports nutrition categories. “I had contacts in the health, wellness, and sports nutrition category. I reached out to them, and we placed countless high-quality products on Amazon’s virtual shelves,” Gould reminisced.

Together with Joe Mies, founder of Muscle Foods USA and current National Accounts Manager at NPI, Gould tapped into Muscle Foods’ extensive distribution network, introducing prominent brands to Amazon’s expanding category. Gould noted, “The health, wellness, and sports nutrition categories now probably generate millions in sales annually.”

Amazon’s continuous innovations, which often set industry standards, require constant vigilance. Gould, always keenly attuned to these changes, said, “NPI needs to understand the retail landscape to help our domestic and international health, wellness, and sports nutrition clients increase sales or launch products in the U.S. Same-day service puts pressure on product manufacturers to keep up with inventory.”

In response to the evolving market, Gould founded the “Evolution of Distribution” system at NPI. This one-stop, turnkey solution aids clients in breaking into the U.S. market efficiently.

“I streamlined the entire operation. NPI’s ‘Evolution of Distribution’ platform emphasizes speed to market and affordability,” Gould stated. Through this innovative approach, Gould has centralized all necessary services for a successful product launch under the NPI umbrella.

Offering an array of services ranging from sales, marketing campaigns, and FDA regulatory guidance to operational expertise, NPI ensures a seamless product launch process. “We control every stage of the process, which enables us to keep costs down and quickly place products with retailers,” said Gould.