Mitch Gould, Founder and CEO of Nutritional Products International (NPI), shares his experience in introducing acclaimed brands to Amazon’s expanding health, wellness, and sports nutrition segments.

Amazon, known for its expansive product inventory, identified the potential to branch out beyond its traditional product categories. Sensing this momentous opportunity, Gould harnessed his vast industry insights and connections to ensure renowned brands found their rightful place on Amazon’s platform.

Gould’s impressive network within the sports nutrition, health, and wellness sectors, combined with Mies’s authoritative expertise, makes for an unmatched duo set to facilitate the addition of renowned brands to Amazon’s platform.

“Amazon’s entry into health and wellness was a significant shift. Together with Joe, we’re excited to be at the forefront of this change, bringing top-tier products to a vast audience,” commented Gould.

Muscle Foods USA, a leader in sports nutrition, is among the esteemed brands to benefit from this initiative. Their expertise in the field fortifies the combined efforts to diversify Amazon’s offerings.

“Our collaboration with Amazon underscores the trust and credibility we’ve built over the years. Introducing top-tier brands to Amazon’s expansive customer base is an honor and responsibility we don’t take lightly,” said Gould.

With decades of retail experience under his belt, Gould initiated the “Evolution of Distribution” strategy. This holistic approach offers domestic and international brands a streamlined entry into the US market. “At its core, this strategy is about simplifying processes. By consolidating all elements of a product launch under NPI’s guidance, brands can swiftly and efficiently navigate their market debut,” Gould explained.