NPI Works With Domestic and International Health, Wellness & Beauty Brands Expanding or Entering the U.S. Market

Inflation came in notably lower than the 8 percent that economists were predicting.

“The Fed’s rate hikes are finally getting traction,” said Mitch Gould, founder and CEO of Nutritional Products International, a global brand management firm based in Boca Raton, FL. “The 7.7 percent inflation rate for October was the lowest it has been since January.

“This may allow the Fed to move off the four recent 75 basis point rate hikes, which is great news for investors and the stock market,” Gould said. “Goldman Sachs recently suggested that a recession is not a certainty. If inflation is trending downward, the economy might get the so-called ‘soft landing.’”

Gould said lower inflation right before the 2022 holiday shopping season is also good news for retailers.

“If the inflation rate continues to decrease, holiday shoppers may be able to stretch their budgets,” Gould said. “Despite the pandemic and inflation this year, consumer spending has kept the U.S. economy chugging along. Even as the job market tapers off, the economy has still remained resilient.”

The National Retail Federation projected holiday sales to increase between 6-8 percent this year.

“That beats the average 4.9 percent increase for the past decade,” Gould said. “It does not look like product manufacturers and retailers will have to worry about stagnant sales.”

Gould and NPI keep close tabs on all economic and retail trends.

“We have to because NPI works with health, wellness, and beauty brands that want to expand their sales in the U.S. market or launch new products here,” Gould said. “You always have to plan for the future, which is why we have clients who have moved forward with their product roll-outs even during the pandemic.”

Gould said many product manufacturers have developed innovative products but they need NPI because of the services it provides.

“These brands, especially international companies that want to launch products in the U.S., don’t have the infrastructure or expertise to reach retailers or consumers,” Gould said. “That is why I developed the ‘Evolution of Distribution’ platform which streamlines the product launch process.

“NPI emphasizes speed to market and cost-effectiveness,” he added.

Under the “Evolution of Distribution” platform, NPI provides sales, marketing, and operational expertise.

“We have a veteran sales and marketing team,” Gould said. “We also have a lawyer that helps with the FDA approval process for dietary supplements.”

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NPI is a privately-held company specializing in the retail distribution of nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, functional beverages, and skin-care products.

Mitch Gould, a global marketing guru, has represented icons from the sports and entertainment worlds such as Steven Seagal, Hulk Hogan, Ronnie Coleman, Roberto Clemente Jr., Chuck Liddell, and Wayne Gretzky.