The latest research predicts that the natural and organic beauty market will reach $22 billion in sales by 2024. This is based on a continual annual growth rate of 8-10% which the industry has proven to be able to maintain over the last several years. If the market does reach this projected point, sales will have doubled over the course of 8 years. This is great news for established natural cosmetic brands, as well as new brands seeking to enter the market.


The drive for increasing sales in the natural and organic beauty market continues to be based in the widespread trend of health and wellness lifestyles. The ever-increasing demand for healthier products leads to stores scrambling to provide increased availability of natural and organic products.


Natural cosmetics is a specific area of the health and wellness industry that has experienced especially exponential growth, as more people are learning about the dangers and health hazards of toxic chemicals in non-organic products.


Along with a greater awareness of health and wellness has come an increased concern for the environment among consumers. This is one of the most important areas to watch in the near future: environmentally-friendly products and packaging. Consumers are demanding that companies use less plastic, more recyclables, and more earth-friendly ingredients and packaging products. It is important to add awareness of the environmentally-friendly practices that your brand is committed to, as consumers will be drawn to packaging that explains its environmentally-friendly aspects.


Skincare continues to take a major lead in cosmetic trends, and facial masks are becoming increasingly in-demand. Facial masks with exotic, but natural and organic ingredients will be alluring to the green-living savvy consumer. However skincare is moving beyond the face, hands and feet. All-body natural skincare has seen increased sales and should continue to do so, as an emphasis on whole-body wellness takes the market by storm.


Skincare is also moving internally. Organic skincare-boosting supplements that hold anti-aging properties are expected to experience higher-than-average growth in the coming seasons.


Another important social trend that is affecting the natural cosmetic industry is greater gender acceptance. Cosmetic companies can lead the way to social acceptance for all by promoting all of their products in gender-neutral terms, to avoid any alienation and promote equality.

As we continue to see growth in healthy and active lifestyles, cosmetics that will stand up to exercise regiments and active lifestyles are increasingly important. Many brands are starting to promote natural cosmetic products specifically targeted for pre or after workout audiences.


One of the latest trends in the natural cosmetic industry is to include cannabis ingredients in cosmetic products. Cannabis has gained popularity as it has reached legal status in many US states, but more and more consumers are recognizing it for its health benefits and skincare qualities. As its acceptance into mainstream culture increases, we can be sure to see more cannabis cosmetic products hitting shelves.


Overall, the natural cosmetic industry is seeing some of the greatest growth possible, and research predicts that the end is nowhere in sight. Consumers are going to continue seeking out the healthiest and best natural and organic cosmetics to accompany their health-conscious lifestyles. Make sure your brand is prepared to enter the market to take advantage of these trends.


Source: Persistence Market Research, 2017