Nutritional Products International (NPI), a company that brings consumer products from around the world to the American marketplace, has announced its partnership with Corceuticals®, a developer of science based nutraceuticals for people with heart disease.

Through the partnership, NPI will be launching the Corceuticals® supplement Cardiamin® for online retailers, specialty nutrition stores, distributors and more. Cardiamin® is the first daily multivitamin developed by physicians that can support nutritional health for people with all forms of cardiovascular disease, including high cholesterol, stroke, heart attack or heart failure.

“The potential for this supplement to help hundreds of thousands of people across the United States is tremendous, and we are happy to bring Cardiamin® to consumers in our domestic markets,” said Mitch Gould, Director of Global Operations for NPI. “Cardiamin® has been accepted and has been developed by some of the best medical minds in the world.”

Corceuticals®, a division of Nephroceuticals®, is made up of leading physicians in cardiology, who work together to develop optimal nutritional support based on the latest clinical research, as well as guidelines put forth by the Heart Failure Society of America and the American Heart Association. Its work involves addressing the problem of micronutrient deficiency for patients with cardiovascular issues. They are committed to the best nutritional practices for patients and have important educational partnerships with leading associations such as the National Kidney Foundation and the American Association of Heart Failure Nurses.

The company’s first product, Cardiamin®, is formulated to provide the nutrients needed by those suffering with cardiovascular conditions or those wanting to best support their overall heart health The daily multivitamin also contains 1000 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids(nearly 2grams of fish oil) and 1,000 IU of Vitamin D.

NPI (Nutritional Products International), one of the world’s leading nutraceutical companies, provides sales and marketing solutions for products worldwide, enabling them to be successful with consumers in the U.S. The company maintains strong relationships with key buyers all over the country, providing foreign brands with a fast track to the world’s most important market. Its website is

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