Nutritional Products International (NPI), one of the nation’s most successful sales and marketing firms focused on the nutritional and skin care industries, has joined the Natural Products Association (NPA).

Boca Raton, FL August 16, 2013

The NPA is a national nonprofit organization that provides strong advocacy for producers, vendors and distributors of natural products. Founded in 1936, it has played a key role in the natural products industry over the years, and it remains the oldest and largest organization in the field.

“As a leader in the sales and marketing of a wide range of natural products, it is important for NPI to maintain and expand its position as the best solution for brands looking for success in the American market,” said Scott Gould, Vice President of Business Development for NPI. “The NPA is the foremost organization in the natural products market, and membership will allow us to further pursue the business goals of our clients while ensuring confidence in our code of ethics, which is in accordance with the NPA.”

NPI provides its clients with the tools and connections necessary to expand their scope within the American marketplace. Its team has decades of industry expertise behind it, which it leverages to quickly increase the market presence of the brands under its guidance. Many of the products NPI works with are natural and organic, making membership to the NPA a perfect step forward for the firm.

Through its five regional offices in the United States, the NPA provides legislative guidance at the national and local levels. The organization is committed to providing reasoned, responsible industry representation with an eye toward consumer safety and industry transparency. It maintains a strong code of ethics for all of its participating members, with particular emphasis on honesty in all marketing materials, responsible business practices and strict consumer protections.

The NPA has been instrumental in crafting national regulatory policy for the natural products industry, including the passage of the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. This law installed strict industry guidelines regarding the availability of consumer information and safe manufacturing processes for products labeled as dietary supplements.

“The efforts of the NPA are in line with the goals of NPI,” said Gould. “We are committed to growing the natural products industry and our clients’ brands in a manner that is safe and responsible for the end consumer.”