Mitch Gould of NPI Urges Health and Wellness Clients to Double-Down with E-commerce Presence

Online sales growth is moving at warp speed with Amazon and as the leaders in e-commerce.Now, with life returning to a new normal, e-commerce penetration rates are expected to increase from 15 percent last year to 25 percent in 2025. Part of the exponential growth comes from mobile commerce, which is expected to grow by 18.8 percent in 2021.

“All these trends show how important your online presence is going forward,” said Mitch Gould, CEO of Nutritional Products International, a global brand management firm based in Boca Raton, Fl. “At NPI, we work to make sure our health and wellness clients have a strong presence online, especially with and Amazon.”

Gould’s career intersected with Walmart and Amazon before the pandemic.

“I partnered with a celebrity and developed an energy drink that was sold in Walmart,” Gould said. “I’ve visited Walmart headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas several times. It is like visiting a city.”

With Amazon in the early 2000s, Gould placed more than 100 brands onto the virtual shelves of Amazon’s new health and wellness category.

“We realized we had a huge retail opportunity when Amazon expanded beyond books and electronics,” Gould said. “It worked out pretty well for Amazon and the brands I placed with them.”

Fast forward to the pandemic when the retail giants raked in billions of dollars because consumers switch from shopping in person to ordering online.

Both Amazon and Walmart experienced increased growth during the pandemic and their growth continued in 2021.

Walmart beat analysts’ revenue estimates by $6.4 billion while Amazon revenue increased by 44 percent year over year. Jeff Bezos and the Walmart heirs grew $116 billion richer during the pandemic.

“The pandemic accelerated online sales growth by years,” Gould said. “During the pandemic, people bought products they always used to buy in person, which helped fuel e-commerce purchases.” reported that young consumers are leading the way online.

Gould said Oberlo also said consumers are eager to buy from new and independent businesses.

“As you can see, if you are launching a new product, your online retail network needs to be robust,” Gould added.

Although Gould’s career began before the internet, he realized the impact online sales would have on the retail industry.

“We already had developed a robust e-commerce strategy for our clients before the pandemic,” Gould said. “As we do with all retail trends, we reacted fast and expanded our online sales efforts to meet the needs of our clients in the post-pandemic era.”

Gould and NPI work with domestic and international health and wellness brands to launch their products in the U.S.

More than a decade ago, Gould developed the “Evolution of Distribution” platform to provide all the services brands need to sell their products in the U.S.

NPI provides retail sales, logistics, and marketing expertise to its clients.

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NPI is a privately-held company specializing in the retail distribution of nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, functional beverages, and skincare products. NPI offers a unique, proven approach for product manufacturers worldwide seeking to launch or expand their products’ distribution in the U.S. retail market.

Mitch Gould, CEO of NPI, is a third-generation retail distribution and manufacturing professional. Gould developed the “Evolution of Distribution” platform, which provides domestic and international product manufacturers with the sales, marketing, and product distribution expertise required to succeed in the world’s largest market — the United States. Gould, known as a global marketing guru, also has represented icons from the sports and entertainment worlds such as Steven Seagal, Hulk Hogan, Ronnie Coleman, Roberto Clemente Jr., Chuck Liddell, and Wayne Gretzky.