Organic Personal Care Market Growing – Expected to hit $25 billion by 2025

This lucrative market will continue to grow, and the USA is expected to remain as the largest share of the market. There has never been a better time to launch into the American Organic Personal Care Market.

Growing consumer demands for quality, organic personal care products has led analysts to predict that the organic personal care market will exceed $25 Billion by 2025. This market segment has experienced exponential growth over the last decade as consumer awareness of the benefits of choosing organic personal care products has increased. The expectation is that this growth will not slow down anytime soon.

North America, specifically the United States, is predicted to maintain the lead in organic personal care consumption, making up the largest segment of this lucrative market. In addition to a shifting cultural preference for natural and organic products, the growth of the US personal care market can be partially attributed to approval by the FDA of organic ingredients in personal care products.

While all personal care products are expected to sustain major growth, the skincare industry will likely be the fastest-growing segment, predicted to expand to make up a full third of the market. This can be attributed to the aging global population. As the median age of the population rises, so will the consumer demand for anti-aging, organic skincare products.

Though anti-aging skincare appeals to the older generation, millennial women (ages 18-34) are also heavy buyers of skincare products and account for the largest percentage of organic personal care purchasers as a whole. This group is followed closely by Hispanic women, who now account for 15% of purchases in this market. The Hispanic population is the fastest growing demographic in the United States which will help to fuel the growth in this market segment.

Currently, brick and mortar retails stores still remain the dominant channel of distribution, however, this is expected to shift, as online retail becomes the leading preference for purchasing personal care products. The brands that will be most successful in capitalizing on this growth are those that take advantage of all channels of distribution and maintain a heavy presence both online and in retail stores. This is particularly true in the American market, where e-commerce growth is slower, though rapidly expanding at an unpredictable rate.

Now is a great time for organic personal care product manufacturers to enter the market and expand their presence in US distribution. Personal care products made with quality, organic ingredients are in high demand by American consumers, a demand that will only grow from here.