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Ronnie Kruger


Ronald “Ronnie” Kruger is a dynamic executive with over 15 years of experience as a CEO, demonstrating a strong track record in visionary leadership across various industries within South African organizations and significant involvement with startups throughout Africa. His expertise in people management and human resources has underpinned his exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, allowing him to inspire and motivate teams while fostering strong relationships with both public and private stakeholders. Specializing in broader management within an African context, Ronnie has successfully managed and turned around five medium to large corporate businesses, showing a keen interest in operational and general management. He has proven his ability to drive profitability in low-margin environments and spearhead infrastructural reorganization and diversification efforts, significantly increasing turnover and market share for companies like PHD. Furthermore, Ronnie’s strategic initiatives have led to substantial infrastructural expansion, such as Powertech’s growth in Africa and achieving significant accolades for PHD, alongside executing a successful turnaround strategy for Akacia Medical, transforming it from a significant loss to profitability within a year.

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