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Scott Gould

Vice President of Operations

As Vice President of Operations, Scott Gould will oversee all the operations and departments in NPI.

In his former position as Vice President of Business Development, Scott was responsible for implementing both unique and proven marketing strategies to grow NPI clients’ brands. A fourth-generation retail professional, Scott brings a combination of technical and creative expertise to his work.

He has directed a number of creative social media campaigns, involving the development of unique promotions and contests and building consumer trust and brand recognition. He has also implemented a number of innovative e-commerce solutions, including the integration of real-time warehouse inventory with merchant systems.

Successfully managing multiple advertising campaigns with budgets exceeding 6 figures, Scott has earned real ROI and increased market presence for NPI’s clients. His market savvy is a result of closely following current trends, which allows him to formulate exactly the right messages for the right audience at precisely the right time.

The combination of skills Scott brings to NPI allows him to work interdepartmentally, coordinating the efforts of the firm’s sales, marketing, and Internet technology teams. This requires a great deal of creative thinking and technological expertise, and Scott prides himself on his ability to come up with innovative solutions to all types of challenges.

Scott has proven time and again that he is capable of blending NPI’s established model for success, which has made the firm one of the most successful sales and marketing agencies in the United States, with the type of creative and technological innovation that allows NPI to stay on the cutting edge of its industry.

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