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Steve Cullen

Director of Global Operations

Steve Cullen, Director of Global Operations for Nutritional Products International, is a seasoned business leader with extensive experience in Ireland, the UK, the USA, and Canada. Cullen’s career is marked by his strategic vision and determination, which have consistently driven business growth. He has held prominent positions such as Sales Manager for Fujitsu Ireland, where he won multiple “International Salesman of the Year” awards, and was a Founding Director of Buy4Now, leading it from inception to a successful trade sale. Cullen also served as Managing Director of Buy4Now USA and Operations Director for the group of companies. As CEO of BLP Better Life Products Ltd, he excelled in developing and implementing business plans, fostering client business growth, and training client-facing staff. In his spare time, Steve enjoys spending time with his family, playing the guitar, and golfing.
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